Crystal Lee (she/她)

New blog, new me

What is it about a new blogging platform that gives you a newfound resolve that you'll write better, faster, and more easily? The only feeling I can compare it to is the feeling of buying a beautiful notebook: pages blank with possibility, the cover still clean and the spine only lightly cracked.

I don't want this to wither the way that so many resolutions do -- filled with possibility and excitement and then abandoned once things get too difficult. That being said, I really do like everything about Mataroa: it has all the features I love and it's incredibly lightweight (reminds me of some of the other things I really enjoy using, like Pinboard). Honestly, I've spent way too much time trying to configure a blog -- on Blogger and on GitHub -- and the former was pretty clunky and GitHub more of a pain than I'd like to admit. Here's hoping that minimizing the friction to write will make it more enjoyable (especially given how much I like writing in Markdown using Obsidian)!

I'll try to import my old blog posts as best I can and have them marked correctly with the date so that they still have a life here.