Crystal Lee (she/她)

Introductory readings on participatory AI, part II

As part of my work as a postdoc, I ran a reading group for undergraduate and master's students on participatory AI systems. This is the reading list we used for spring semester 2023.

Fairness, bias, and equity in AI

Quantifying bias and fairness, part I

Quantifying fairness, part II

Medical racism and computational diagnosis

Large language models and automated text

Industry Practice and Human-AI Systems

Practitioner perspectives on designing human-AI systems

  • Bogdana Rakova et al., “Where Responsible AI Meets Reality: Practitioner Perspectives on Enablers for Shifting Organizational Practices,” Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 5, no. CSCW1 (April 22, 2021): 7:1–7:23,
  • Saleema Amershi et al., “Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction,” in Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (the 2019 CHI Conference, ACM Press, 2019), 1–13,
  • ‼️Tom Zick, “Building better startups with responsible AI” (Techcrunch)

MIT goes to Congress

Advances in AI: Are We Ready For a Tech Revolution?

For this week, let’s read all of the prepared statements from the expert witnesses (see below). If you have time, watch the Q&A section from the hearing, which starts about halfway through.

  • Dr. Eric Schmidt Chair, Special Competitive Studies Project
  • Dr. Scott Crowder Vice President / CTO, IBM Quantum / IBM Systems, Technical Strategy, and Transformation
  • Dr. Aleksander Mądry Director / Cadence Design Systems Professor of Computing, MIT Center for Deployable Machine Learning / Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Merve Hickok Chair and Research Director, Center for AI and Digital Policy

“Hard core” tech work: layoffs, labor organizing, and the craft of software engineering

Global Implications of AI Systems

Ethics of NLP in Africa

Reframing AI Governance: Perspectives from Asia

Arun, “AI and the Global South: Designing for Other Worlds

Png, “At the Tensions of South and North: Critical Roles of Global South Stakeholders in AI Governance

  • The Beginnings of AI and Data Governance: Landscape in Sri Lanka
  • To What Extent Does Malaysia’s National Fourth Industrial Revolution Policy Address AI Security Risks?
  • An Ill-advised Turn: AI Under India's e-Courts Proposal
  • Chinese AI Governance in Transition: Past, Present, and Future of Chinese AI Regulation
  • Myth of Data-Driven Authoritarianism in Asia
  • Kampong Ethics
  • Between Threat and Tool: The Poetics and Politics of AI Metaphors and Narratives in China

Ghost work and global data annotation